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We offer films for both polycarbonate and glass roofs.


Conservatories are a common feature of most homes and can vary in shape and size. However, they tend to have the ‘green house effect’ in which, during the summer, the entire thing acts a sauna and can be impossible to enter. Furniture is often damaged and the ideal summer spot is un-useable.

What we can do for you:

We offer a solution: solar film. For polycarbonate roofs, this film is unique and is fitted internally to the polycarbonate roof panels and is able to move and expand with the roof itself enabling it to reduce heat and glare. Also helps reduce heat loss during the winter periods.


Glass roofs, on the other hand, are amazing and totally different. We also provide a film that can reduce heat and glare for these too! However, glass roofs are not all same and some glass may not be able to be filmed as this could cause premature failure of the glass. Therefore, we carry out free extensive surveys with the use of lasers before any installation is performed.


Not only can our products reduce heat but we also offer privacy frosting and security films to provide you with a safer, cozier home.

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