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Safety/Security Film

Safety / Security films are a clear adhesive window film that is applied to glass to increase its strength and to hold the panel in place in the event of it being smashed.


Smashed glass poses a threat as it can injure those around. Safety / Security film eliminates this issue; the film bonds to the glass, keeping it secure until it can be replaced.


Security film, being much thicker, drastically increases the strength of the glass in high risk or secure areas.


If you’re unsure what glass your house or office has and whether or not safety / security film is suitable to your needs give us a call or email us. We’d be more than happy to carry out a full glass survey without needing to remove the window itself. Here at Kent Window Films we pride ourselves on being able to conveniently provide quotes and carry out our applications when it suits you.

Benefits of safety film:

What is the difference?

Safety/Security films are designed to hold glass fragments in place after breakage, whether it be accidental or deliberate. These films vary in performance, depending on the risk, location and needs. Each safety/security film when applied correctly, has been tested to the same break glass standards required of tempered glass, heat strengthened glass and laminated glass.


Safety/Security films can be used in numerous locations, to provide security from glass breakage in homes, schools and public places. When filmed, an identification marker is applied to allow clear indication to which the film is required to meet. This also states the manufacturer and date of install.

Safety film is usually installed where ever there is a risk of injury after glass breakage, this can be in locations where untreated float glass is fitted, usually due to uneconomical cost to replace glass.


Toughened glass can also present its own risks, when broken this shatters into tiny pieces, applying safety film, ensures the broken glass is held in place until replacement of the glass can be carried out.


Security film although similar to safety film is considerable thicker and ultimately stronger. It is designed not only to hold broken glass in place, but to resist consistent impacts. These impacts cause tears to the film, and thinner safety would fail much sooner, security films are thus designed to be stronger and further resist this type of attack.


Should you have any further questions or would like advise on the choice of films please feel free to contact us at Kent Window Films.

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