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Solar Film

Solar window films’ primary job is to reduce heat and glare and can be especially useful if you have a conservatory that tends to suffer from the ‘greenhouse effect.’


There are many types of solar film such as silver reflective film, this is also known as mirror film. It allows the window to be coated in a film that both reduce heat and UV light thereby decreasing glare, whilst also providing you with privacy during the day.


Another type of solar film is available that allows the window to be coated without reducing visibility, the film is essentially invisible at first glance and is often used in shop windows to protect furniture without preventing people from being able to see in.

An expample of solar film done by KWF

What is solar film?

Benefits of solar film:

Solar film is not a new product, but its application and uses are not widely known. Most people associate solar film with high mirror reflective films, this is only just the tip of the iceberg.


We are all aware the damage the sun can do, not only to us, but to our homes, causing bleaching, fading, and unnecessary heat. But not everyone wants to block out the light. Our vast selection of solar films is designed to reduce heat build-up, AND heat loss.


We are all concerned about energy usage, many offices now have AC units, but these alone require large energy inputs, reducing solar gain into offices and homes drastically reduces the load on these AC units, thus reducing costs.


Harmful UV rays are also a concern; these can have health issues not to mention damage to property. All our films are designed to reduce UV by up to 99%, and not all are tinted. Our Museum films are virtually clear, and undetectable once installed. Fitted internally this film will give you years of service, greatly increasing the life on blinds, curtains and furniture, not just in the work place but at home.


For more information on how our solar films can help you in your home or office, please drop us a line.

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