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Window Safety Films Kent

Prevent injury from broken glass.

Safety film has several benefits for both domestic and business applications.

Window safety film installed for apartments
Window safety film fitted to house

For the home. 

Protect your little ones, the elderly and yes even yourself. Glass with safety film applied will not shatter when broken and offers much greater protection than laminated glass on its own.  

Safety film is a clear adhesive film that is applied to glass. When professionally installed, it offers protection in cases where the glass gets broken or damaged. When glass is shattered the thin layer of plastic holds the broken glass together, preventing shards of glass from becoming a danger to family members, pets and furniture.


For business applications.

Kent Window Films Safety film offers you peace of mind. We install it and you can forget about it knowing your glass will not shatter if broken, you will not risk damages claims and you are complying with relevant legislation. It is a low-cost solution applied to thousands of businesses right now.

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Window safety film installed for fire station

Applications For Safety Film

What are the main uses for safety window films?

Safety film is often used in situations where the likelihood of glass breakage is high, and in situations where broken glass could pose a high risk to family members, pets, passers-by, or furniture and belongings. There is a range of different types of glass that when broken present a different set of risks, for example toughened glass shatters into many tiny pieces which can very hard to clean up due to the number of shards, meaning a high likelihood of pieces being missed presenting a long-term risk.

However, when untreated float glass is broken, it forms razor sharp shards that present a significant risk of injury, as well as many smaller shards that can be hard to clean up.

We are based in Kent and offer our professional window film services to customers across Kent, including Dartford, Ashford, Dover, Maidstone, Canterbury, Medway, Surrey, Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge.

You can forget all about that with our safety window film, look forward to hearing from you.