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Solar Window Films Kent

Solar film is primarily designed to reduce excess heat and glare from the sun. It reduces up to 99% of UV rays entering through your windows helping to reduce the bleaching effect on blinds, furniture, carpets as well as protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays.

Solar film makes a tremendous difference to the heat transferred into a room with up to 80% of the heat reflected back outside. This makes it ideal for reducing air conditioning costs or to just make the room more comfortable. It is widely used in both business and domestic applications.

We are based in Kent and offer our professional window film services to customers across the region, including Dartford, Ashford, Dover, Maidstone, Canterbury, Medway, Surrey, Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge.

Exterior view of conservatory window film
Interior view of conservatory window film

Solar film is particularly popular with conservatory owners. Due to the reduced UV radiation being allowed to enter, solar film reduces the “greenhouse” effect, making conservatories more comfortable in the summer when the sun is at its strongest. Visit our conservatory window film page for more details.

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Our Most Popular Solar Films

There are many solar film variations, we would be happy to go into detail with our best advice on appointment but these are the most popular options.

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Window solar film used on wooden house

Silver Reflective Films

This is also known as mirror film. It allows the window to be coated in a film that both reduces heat and UV light thereby decreasing glare, whilst also providing you with privacy during the day.

Museum window film used on beach house

Museum Films

Museum film is almost invisible and allows light to enter your home as usual, only blocking the invisible, harmful UV part of the light spectrum from entering.

Solar film that actually keep the room warmer in the colder months!

We have solar film that actually reflects heat back into the room. Save on your heating bill this winter.


Will solar film make my room dark?

There are a number of solar films available to suit your specific requirements. Many people think of solar window films as tinted, or mirrored films, however museum films are also available which are completely clear and are barely noticeable. The type of film you decide to use will depend on your requirements; we provide our expert advice on the best solutions for your property.