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Window Security Films in Kent

Defend against intruders.

How does window security film work?


Security film is a layer of adhesive film that is applied to windows to prevent, or at least make it very difficult for intruders to break through your glass.

Security film is very similar to safety film; however, it is considerably thicker. Most burglaries are carried out by opportunists looking for an easy way in. Security film makes life very difficult for potential intruders, in most cases they will give up before ever getting through.

Security window film at car dealership
Security window film installed for front of a pharmacy

This is a very cost-effective solution that really works. Suitable for both domestic and business applications you can protect your building for very little cost. Most burglaries are achieved by entry through glass, prevent that happening with Kent Window Films security film. 

It also has the added benefit of cutting out 99% of harmful UV rays and your furniture colour fading.
Some security window film even comes with solar properties! Protect your property and keep warmer in the winter and colder in the summer.

All our security window film comes with a comprehensive guarantee and excellent after sales service.

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To find out more about our Security film installation services please get in in touch.

We will arrange a free consultation to discuss the best solution for your property, take measurements and then e-mail or post you a quotation for you to consider.

Based near Maidstone, Kent, we cover the whole area of Kent, including Maidstone, Tonbridge, Medway, Dover, Surrey, Sevenoaks, Canterbury, Dartford, Tunbridge Wells, and Ashford.